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Installation Guide

Trolley Stopper is a simple device that anyone can install. By following the installation instructions, your installation should be easy and go to plan. If you would prefer to watch the instructions see the bottom of this page.

There are a few things you should ideally have before you start work that do not come with the Trolley Stopper kit. Please also consult with your local government to ensure you have all permits for your location and are aware of any safety measures you must meet.

Note: Trolley Stopper is designed to work in nearly any car park. However, there are some car parks that fall well outside the standard gradients. Please do not install Trolley Stopper if the gradient on your car park is greater than 7 degrees.

Not all the below items are required, but will make the job easier:

  1. High visibility clothing
  2. Medical kit with eye wash
  3. Witches Hats / Safety Barriers
  4. Measuring tape
  5. String line, or a Laser line
  6. Work lights
  7. Broom, or leaf blower
  8. Rags - for excess glue
  9. Spatula - for clean up of excess epoxy
  10. A builders pencil, or white / dark chalk for marking
  11. Cordless Drill

Trolley Stopper believes in safety first. Please setup proper traffic controls in accordance to your local laws, or better yet, block off the flow to traffic to the area while installation is in progress. Always wear the supplied gloves and safety glasses when handling epoxy and follow the epoxy safety recommendations - see Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) included.

Step 1: Prepare your work area.

As Trolley Stopper uses an epoxy road adhesive, working time is limited. You should have enough car parking bays prepared (at least 20) to use an entire tube of adhesive in a single run to avoid waste. In general, one tube of adhesive will affix 20 Trolley Stoppers to the surface.

Measure out:

In general, Trolley Stopper is placed at the back of the car park in the center of the parking space. However, your shopping center may have different requirements and you should place them where you need them for your use case.

Measure from the top of the car parking row (A) to the back of the car park (B) (the line you want Trolley Stopper to be fixed) and mark with chalk or pencil. At the bottom of the row (D) measure the same distance as point (A) to (B) and mark with chalk or pencil. Flick a line with the chalk line between the two points or setup a laser light. This forms a uniform line to keep Trolley Stoppers in a straight line. It is also important to note that a uniform line will be more visible for pedestrians.

Measure to the middle of the park

The typical placement will be in the middle of the width of the car park. This will suit most installations; however, your park may have different requirements. Measure the width of the car park space - (E) to (F). Each car park space will vary slightly in its’ width so you should find a happy medium. Another good idea is to setup a length of timber as a measuring stick, or some other uniform measure to mark the spot quickly.

Image that shows how to measure a straight line for Trolley Stopper Installation
Prepare the area

Older car parks will have many years of accumulated build up on the surface(oil and grime). In order to ensure a clean surface for the epoxy adhesive to adhere to, the area must be cleaned with the wire brush attachment (supplied) for a standard cordless drill. Simply clean around a 120mm area where you intend to affix the Trolley Stopper and clean up the installation area with a broom, or a leaf blower. After this re-mark the area with chalk to ensure a straight line. Once this is done, you are ready to glue the Trolley Stoppers down.

Step 2: Glue the Trolley Stoppers and affix to the ground

The aforementioned preparation step is very important as the epoxy adhesive has a working time of about 3 minutes once mixed in the twin mixing nozzle. We recommend setting up a central clean bench for applying the glue to the individual Trolley Stoppers - work in teams of two if possible with one person applying the glue to the Trolley Stoppers and the other affixing them to the car park surface. It is best to do a few at a time, then affix them to the surface - repeating the process until the job is done, or the epoxy tube is finished.

The epoxy will mix in the nozzle. Once mixed, your working time will start - work smoothly but don’t rush. The epoxy should be mixed properly with consistent colouring so it sets properly with optimum strength. Make sure you push out a small amount of the epoxy into 30mm dob just to ensure the epoxy is coming out properly mixed. If the epoxy is not mixed properly, the Trolley Stopper will not adhere to the surface properly.

Image that shows the epoxy wastage required for pre mixing of the Megapoxy glue
Correct amount of adhesive per Trolley Stopper

A standard dual cartridge of epoxy is sufficient to affix 20 Trolley Stoppers. This equates to 25-30 ml for each device. It is important not to use too much glue, it is expected for a small amount to squeeze out but if there is any more than 5mm on the edge you are using too much epoxy. It is also very important to use enough epoxy or the Trolley Stopper will not affix properly and it may come loose. Fill all the fins around the edge of the Trolley Stopper and add a small dob in the center. See image below depicting the correct colouring and amount of epoxy needed.

Trolley Stopper with glue
Trolley Stopper without glue
Affix the Trolley Stopper

Once the epoxy is on the back of the Trolley Stopper you can now begin fixing them to the car park. Simply stick the Trolley Stopper to the marked area and place a small amount pressure to ensure adhesion.

Image that shows sticking Trolley Stopper to the surface
Image that shows epoxy run out of Trolley Stopper

In general the epoxy will take 10 to 20 minutes to become tacky and ‘set to touch’ although this will vary dependent on climate and conditions. After the epoxy is tacky, go back and clean up any excess epoxy that has squeezed out of the Trolley Stopper with a spatula. It is not only essential for neatness of the installation, but also to reduce the risk of trip hazard.

Note: adhesive is not suitable for wet surface installation. Please do not install Trolley Stopper in inclement weather as it may void the warranty of the epoxy.

Image cleaning up excess epoxy on Trolley Stopper

Trolley Stopper will be set hard enough after 120 minutes to run over with a car. Try to avoid this happening before then.

If you have any other questions, or issues, please contact us or email at

Installation Video

We have prepared an installation guide video.

Important Files

The following files are important safety documents. You should familiarise yourself with the hazards of using epoxy glue.

Name Remarks Download
Megapoxy Technical Bulletin Working information about Megapoxy 36 Gun Grade Road Adhesive Download
Safety Data Sheet - Megapoxy Part A Risk information about Megapoxy Part A Expoxy Download
Safety Data Sheet - Megapoxy Part B Risk information about Megapoxy Part B Expoxy Download

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